Česlovas Lukenskas 



Česlovas Lukenskas (Chesiux) (1959)   
Česlovas Lukenskas – one of the most prominent pioneers of contemporary interdisciplinary art in Lithuania, having held several dozen personal exhibitions and projects in Lithuania and abroad, the winner of various awards and scholarships. Č. Lukenskas is the member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association, the founder and member of the “Post Ars” group. His works have been exhibited in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Abtei Liesborn museum (Germany), London (UK), Brixen (Italy), Paris, Nimes (France), Espaco IMERGE (Porto, Portugal), Copenhagen (Denmark). He has participated in group exhibitions in Kiev (Ukraine), Pereslavl-Zaleski (Russia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Warsaw (Poland), Tampere Hall (Finland), Bekesaba and Budapest (Hungary), Chicago (USA) and elsewhere. 
Works by Č. Lukenskas have been bought by Lithuanian Museum of Art, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, National Gallery of Art, MO Museum, private collectors in Lithuania and abroad. Together with a group of artists from “Post Ars”, he has been awarded the Grand Prix for Post-Industrial Landscape regeneration project “Score” at Europa Biennale Niederlausitz II (Germany) in 1993. In 2009 he was selected as the most memorable artist in Kaunas.
1995-1996 – studied Education sciences at Kaunas University of Technology1978-1984 – studied saxophone at Lithuanian Academy of Music. 1978-1982 – studied at Vilnius Part-time School of Art.1974-1978 – studied at Panevėžys J. Švedas Music Conservatory1966-1974 – studied at Panevėžys 5th secondary school.
Work experience
Since 2011 – Associate Professor of Vilnius Academy of Arts, dean of Vilnius faculty.Since 1999 taught at Kaunas Art Institute, Assistant Director for Studies1987-1997 taught saxophone at Kaunas J. Gruodis’ Conservatory 1984-1987 taught music at Karmėlava Secondary School 
Personal exhibitions, projects and actions
2022 Project/exhibition, objects-installation "Time in the tree". Gallery of Pranas Domšaitis. Klaipeda.2022 PROJECT "Different but united". Pleinair and exhibitionDedicated to the development of cultural exchange between Ukraine and Lithuania. Ukmergė district Gallery "Chesiux"2021 "Classes of Modern Art" project organized by Ukmergė Municipality, lesson "Modern Art", the theme of which is "March of Delusions", activator Česlovas Lukenskas2021 Exhibition of works by Česlovas Lukenskas "Cremates". III. 2017–2021" of the Utena Local History Museum2019 Performance “Communication Zone”. Presented by gallery “Art Park”. Gallery Weekend Kaunas 2019. Kaunas Town Hall Square.2019 Exhibition “The Rave Terminal”. Video installation. Gallery of Artists’ Association. Vokiečių St. 2, Vilnius2019 Exhibition “Cremates”. Art Park at London Art Fair 2019.2018 Performance “Autumn Leaves”, together with prof. dr. Ulrika Eller Rüter (Germany). Vilnius Academy of Arts.2018 Exhibition of drawings and objects “ALEX + CHESIUX”, together with Aleksas Andriuškevičius. Gallery “Academy”, Vilnius.2018 Exhibition “Cremates”. Art Park at art KARLSRUHE 2018, Germany.2018 Exhibition “Burns”. Gallery “Art Park”. Dusseldorf, Germany.2018 Exhibition “Cremates”. Art Park at POSITIONS BERLIN 2018, Germany.2018 Video installation "Action to Destroy Assemblies" at the international group exhibition "Global Control and Censorship". The exhibition was organized by Goethe-Institut Vilnius and the Museum of Energy and Technology.2018 Group exhibition “Not a museum…”, installation “Mobile Sculpture Park” KKKC Exhibition Hall, Klaipėda.2017 Monograph preparation together with Dr. Agnė Narušytė and members of “Post Ars”. Presentation of the book “Post Ars Score” at CAC. Vilnius2017 Exhibition “Choir”. Exhibition of the gallery “Art Park“ at “Titanic” exhibition halls, Vilnius.2017 Group exhibition “Gdansk in Vilnius, Vilnius in Gdansk” Project of Gdansk Technical University and Vilnius Academy of Arts. Gdansk2017 Exhibition "Lithuanian Art: Thinking Through Landscape" – Lithuanian Modern and Contemporary Art in Beijing2017 Organizational Project. Conference “Reconstruction of Samantoniai Early Bronze Age Housing”. Ukmergė distr., Vepriai eldership, Kultuvėnai village2017 Conference “Embodied textile interaction design program”, Assoc. Prof. Česlovas Lukenskas. Vilnius Art Academy. Joint show / performance of the project participants “Fibre of Imagination”. Sound director Brigita Jurkonytė. Bernardine Church. Vilnius2017 Event “Česlovas Lukenskas: Video Documentation of Actions and Happenings”. Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, Vilnius2017 Exhibition “ŽYM ŽYMAS“ presents a retrospective of one of the first conceptualist in Lithuania Ramūnas Paniulaitis (1957-1982) and a book about this artist. Curators of the project: Česlovas Lukenskas and Kęstutis Šapoka.2017 “Soli Deo Gloria” Installation. Vilnius Reformed Church. 2017 Performance “Meeting” with VAA students. Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius2016 Objects “Books”, “Prostheses”. 7th International Contemporary Art Fair “Art Vilnius’16“2016 Sculptural object “The Bomber”. International metal art plein-air “Pigeons in Ukmergė”, Ukmergė2016 “Žym Žymas” Exhibition and accompanying publication of Ramūnas Paniulaitis works. JMVAC, Vilnius. Curators of the project: Česlovas Lukenskas and Kęstutis Šapoka.2016 Performance “Side Effects”. Voice, movement, acoustic instruments, specific sounds. Together with LMTA students. VAA Gothic Hall, Vilnius2016 Exhibition “Post Ars. Score” Contemporary Art Centre. Vilnius2016 VEPRIAI - 2016 THE LITTLE CAPITAL OF LITHUANIAN CULTURE. “Performance Day”. Participants – young composers of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater and young artists of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Ukmerge distr.2015 Performance “Bye, Balts“. Česlovas Lukenskas is the author of the idea. Together with the VAA Performing Arts Laboratory. VAA New Palace2015 Performance “Concert”. Česlovas Lukenskas is the author of the idea. Together with the VAA Performing Arts Laboratory. VAA Gothic Hall2015 “Domine, quo vadis?“ Installation. 2015 “Fictional Stories. (No) Limit”. International Contemporary Art Exhibition. St. John Street Gallery, Vilnius.2014 International Group Exhibition "Manama Stories". Užutrakis Manor House, Trakai distr.2014 Group Exhibition “Foregrounds. Ideas, sketches, models and instructions” National Gallery of Art. Vilnius2014 Performance “Where Did Apollo Disappear?” Author and director of the idea. Exhibition spaces of VAA.2014 Lukenskas Česlovas. “The Seed”: Cycle, "The Discarded Man." The first book.2013 Exhibition “Dadasklaida”. Vilnius Academy of Arts exhibition hall “Titanic”. Vilnius2013 Book "Poems". A collection of poems and drawings. Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts publishing house. Vilnius2013 Exhibition of Vilnius Academy of Arts students’. “YOUNG. GREEN CONSCIOUSNESS-3, OR HOW HISTORY IS NOT REPEATED”. Curatorial project. Gallery "Art Park". Kaunas               2013 Exhibition “Mumified“. Panemunė Castle, Jurbarkas distr.                                                                                        2011 “Theses of Homicide“ personal exhibition and performance at the gallery “4 Barbier“, Nimes, France.2011 Exhibition-project “Česiaus“ opening of the gallery. Kultuvėnai village, Vepriai, Ukmergė distr. 2010 Performance “No Smoke without the Light”. Kaunas Picture Gallery.2010 Exhibition “Accumulation” Panevėžys Art Gallery.2009 Re-installation “TRAUMOZER “, Gallery “Art Park”, Kaunas2009 Exhibition “Motography – Painting – Binding” Kaunas Picture Gallery, Kaunas                                   2008 Performance "Mandala with Chickens" (with R. Antinis). Vytautas Magnus University Art Gallery 101, Kaunas                                                                                                    2008 Action “Postcard”, the presentation of publication “Prick Poetry “. Gallery “Art Park “, Kaunas.2007 Performance “Selfpod I”, theatre festival, Kaunas.2007 Audio-visual performance “Selpod II“. Kaunas Picture Gallery.2007 Audiovisual performance “Česius Radio” (together with O. Molokojedovas, V. Labutis). Town Hall Square, Kaunas                         2007 Land art project “Butterfly”, Kaunas.2007 Action-provocation (together with R. Antinis). TV at the Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius2005 Sculptural Plastic of Environmental Art "Cactus". Berčiūnai, Panevežys distr.2002 – 2004 Texts and songs “Audio projects”, Kaunas.2002 Action “Limousine”. New York, USA.2001 A land art project “River Eyes”, Brixen, Italy.2000 Action “The Expelled Man” (together with VAA KDI students). Kaunas..1999 Exhibition “The painting on the wood’’. Vilnius’ Bank, Kaunas.1999 Installation “Oak Book”. Book shop “Humanitas”, Kaunas.1996 Installation “The Nest”. Festival of Contemporary Music “Was horenWir?”. Kaditsch, Germany.1996 Action “Against Violence’’ with Jonas Maldžiunas. Kaunas.1994 Exhibition of Assemblages and Small Installations “Memories”. Panevėžys Art Gallery.1993 Action-video gallery “PO-PO“.1992 Action,”Human Bush”, Kaunas Architects’ House, Kaunas.1991 Action “Hammer” with A. Andriuškevičius, Jonava district. 1991 Action “Man – Star”. Jonava district.1991 Installation “Homo Faber”. Kaunas Artists’ House. 1990 Action “Burning Thing I, II”. Jonava district. 1990 Action “Travelling Quadrangles I, II, III”. Jonava district.1990 Action “Human Seed”. Jonava district.1990 Action “Fecundation of the Earth”. Jonava district.1989 Exhibition of Assemblages. Art Exhibition Palace, Vilnius.1990 Action “Burning Man”, Jonava district.1990 Action “Expelled Man”, Jonava district. 1990 Action “Posts”, Jonava district. 1990 Action “Man and Things”, Jonava district. 1987 Sculptures and Assemblages, Architects’ House, Kaunas 1987 Sculptures and Assemblages, Art School, Panevėžys. 1985 Sculptures and Assemblages, Teachers’ House, Kaunas. 1981 Exhibition of Paintings and Assemblages (with R. Paniulaitis). Evening Art School, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Group exhibitions
2019 Exhibition “Animal Human Robot”. MO Museum. Vilnius2019 “Sweet Sweat of the Future” Collective Exhibition. NAG Vilnius2012 “Assemblage, the Lithuanian way“, National Gallery of Art Exhibition. Vilnius.2012 “About Passers-by and Neighbors”. National Gallery of Art, Vilnius2011 “Imaginary Stories“ at the Užutrakis manor house, Trakai.2011 “Salon d’Automne”, gallery “Art Park“, Kaunas. 2011 Upstream People Gallery presents the 9th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle Juried Online Int'l Exhibition. Omaha, JAV.2010 “Landpartie“, Exhibition of contemporary art by the West German Artists' Association, Abtei Liesborn museum, Germany.                                                                                                                               2010 “Kaunas – Porto”, Contemporary Art Exhibition, “Fundacao Jose Rodrigues Gallery”. Espaco IMERGE Gallery”, Porto, Portugal.2009 Retrospective exhibition “Post Ars 20 Contexts”, VMU gallery “101”, Kaunas                                                                                                                               2009 Retrospective exhibition “Post Ars 20 Contexts”, Contemporary Art Center (CAC), Vilnius.2008 Project “Art + Art communicate”, performances “Selfpod II”, ,”Cesius radio II”. Kaunas picture gallery.2007 Project “Art + Art communicate”, “Photointentions”. Kaunas Picture Gallery.2007 International performance festival “Dimension –II”. CAC, Vilnius.2006 “101,3km: Competition and Collaboration”. CAC, Vilnius                    2006 International exhibition “Enigma“, installation “…and it is like it can’t be” and performance “Worms (Dzikai)”. Gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius. 2006 “Contemporary Lithuanian Art”. Radvila Palace, Vilnius.2006 “Dimension –I“. International Performance Festival, CAC, Vilnius2006 “Occupation”, the Art Festival. Object “Alien”. Meat Enterprise, Kaunas. 2005 “Art + Art Communicate. Sculpture”, Kaunas Picture Gallery. 2005 Project “Art Stars“. Luxembourg. 2005 “Floatable Art. The Fish named Jurgis”. Location-specific project. Kaunas Reservoir. 2005 Exhibition “7th Annual Abstraction Juried International Online Art Exhibition“. Upstream People Gallery. Omaha, JAV 2002 “Post Ars“ performance “Our Language”. Gallert “Arterritory“, Kaunas2002 “Objects, that could be touched“ Janina Monkutė-Marks gallery, Kėdainiai2002 Contemporary art project for the blind “Dreams of the Day”. M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas.2001 Contemporary Music Festival (together with “Post Ars”). Performance “Transmissions”. Center of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland.2001 “Ori-Gami“. International Symposium of Corrugated Cardboard. Park of Europe, Kaunas distr.2001 “Mutations“. 8th International Plein-Air, dedicated to A. Samuolis. Kaunas Picture Gallery. 2000 “Riga-800“. International Symposium of Sculpture (together with Robertas Antinis). Object-installation. “Eyes-Scales”, Riga. 2000 “Account for Scuplture” Kaunas Public Spaces (action-object “The Expelled Man”)2000 Jonava Art Festival “Homo ludens“ (together with R. Antinis). Jonava (action “Christening”)2000 International Exhibition “Innocent Life”. Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius.1999 “Journey to Taj Mahal” (Installation “Brisius’ Dream during a Journey to Taj Mahal”). Kaunas Picture Gallery.1999 “Lithuanian Art 1989-1999: Ten Years”. Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius1999 Action-concert with M. Litvinskis. Kaunas Small Theatre. 1999 “Camouflages’’. A retrospective exhibition-installation for the 10-year anniversary of “Post Ars” group. Kaunas Picture Gallery.1999 “7 Days of Love for Postmodern Art” together with A. Brazdžiūnas. Kaunas Picture Gallery.1999 “The First Land Art Symposium” (together with “Post Ars”). Lithuanian Artists Association, Kaunas branch. 1999 Symposium of Land Art (together with “Post Ars” group, ”Mandala’’, Moscow and Pereslavlj-Zaleskii, Russia.1998 “Body and the East”. Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia.1996 “Reception”. “Post Art” action-installation at FLUXUS. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.1996 “Three Agendas 2 Lithuanian Art”. The Tampere Hall, Tampere, Finland.1996 “Recent Documents“. Balzekas museum, Chicago, USA.1995 “1995: Lithuanian Art”. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.1995 “Three Agendas: Lithuanian Art”. Palace of Art Muscarnok, Budapest, Hungary.1994 “Dodecaphonia”. “Post Ars” concert-happening. Lithuanian State Academic Drama Theatre, Vilnius. 1994 Action “Period of 16 Measures”. “Post Ars” action-procession, Kaunas.1994 “Entanglement. Amplification. Alteration”. “Post Ars” installation (with M. Engelhardt). Kaunas Picture Gallery.  1994 Art Group Exhibition. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.1994 “Europe Rediscovered”, Copenhagen, Denmark.1993 “Teleinstructions”, “Blind”. “Post Ars” actions. Small Theatre, Kaunas. 1993 “Aujourd’hui les Baltes”. 1993 „Aujourd’hui les Baltes“. Contemporary Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian art. National College of Fine Arts, Paris, France. 1993 “It’s – a Letter”. Installation Object. Kaunas Picture Gallery, Kaunas. 1993 “Score”. Earth art ant land regeneration project. “Europa Biennale Niederlausitz II“. Land Brandenburg, Germany.1993 “Between Sculpture and Object in Lithuanian”. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius. 1992 Festival of Art from Eastern Europe “Orients”. Old factory of Bekescsaba city, Hungary.1992 “Post Ars” action “Bed”. Kaunas Architects’ House. 1992 “Happening Games”. Gallery AL, Kaunas.1992 “TV action“ (together with “Post Ars“). Kaunas.1992 Exhibition of “Post Ars” Photo Documents, Drawings, Projects, Actions. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.1991 ”Post Ars“ installations. Gallery “Rzezby“, Warsaw, Poland                                                                    1991 Installation “The Last Supper”. Art Exhibition Palace, Vilnius, Lithuania.1991 5th Triennial of Young Baltic Artists’ Art. Art Exhibition Palace, Vilnius.1991 International Festival of Performances “The Works”. Gallery “Window”, Vilnius.1990 “Kaunas Artists Installations” (together with “Post Ars“). Lithuanian Artists Association, Kaunas.1990 “Post Ars“ installations and action. Architects House, Kaunas1990 “Post Ars” Installations. Exhibition Palace, Palanga.1990 Action “Zatyšiai”. Jonava distr.1989 “Post Ars” conference-happening”, Jonava district.1988 Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Contemporary Art Centre, Kiev, Ukraine.Presentation of the book "The Seed" by Česlovas Lukenskas
Awards, Wins
2010 Award for the Most Memorable Artist of Kaunas in 2009, Kaunas                               2006 Lithuanian State Scholarship for Land Art Projects “To Land from the Lands”2001 Open Society Fund scholarship for summer studies at Central European University.          Earth Art Symposium Grant “Prishna 901-2001” for the project “River Eyes”, Italy.2000 Open Society Fund grant for study course1996 Open Society Fund grant (together with “Post Ars”) for “Mandala” project in MoscowInterdisciplinary Art Center “Denkmalschmiede Höfgen” grant for the project “The Nest”, Germany 1994 Soros Center for Contemporary Art Scholarship for the project “Rediscovered Europe”. Copenhagen, Denmark.Soros Contemporary Art Center Scholarship for the “Post Ars” Group Catalogue1993 Grand prize for the Earth Art and Landscape Regeneration Project "Score" (together with “Post Ars” group) “Europa Biennale Niederlausitz II”. Germany.


Project/exhibition, objects-installation "Time of wood". Gallery of Pranas Domšaitis. Klaipeda.

Oct 14, 2022

PROJECT "Different, but united". Pleinair and exhibitionDedicated to the development of cultural exchange between Ukraine and Lithuania. Ukmerge district Gallery "Chesiux"

Aug 15-20, 2021



painting, collage, drawings



3D objects, assemblage



installations, land art



art actions, performance, sound